Linda Aldredge’s Treehouse

Linda Aldredge’s built this awesome treehouse in Catskill near Woodstock, New York. interviewed Linda and posted the talk about her motivations for building this perfect get-away from life in the Big Apple.


How did you come upon the idea of building a treehouse? What was your inspiration?

The idea was actually my friend Su Barber’s. Late one night, she and I got to talking about what I was going to do with my land and she suggested a treehouse. When she suggested a treehouse I’m pretty sure she meant a platform in the trees with a canvas tarp for a roof or something really simple. But I got all fired up about it and starting researching treehouses. The more I read the more inspired I was.

I was also really inspired by the Handmade Houses books published in the 70’s. I like to think my group of friends upstate and in the city are having their own movement of DIY architecture and building. I am constantly inspired by my friends.

What were the requirements/ restraints of the plan?

Money was the biggest restraint, my original budget was $12k and for the most part we stuck to that. I splurged on little things like copper flashing but with a 100 sq ft house it didn’t really add up. I was also trying to avoid any subcontracting of others — no foundation, no septic, no well — because I couldn’t afford these things. The ‘off the grid’ aspect was something I was really excited by for obvious reasons but no one really ever talks about the fact that it’s SO much cheaper (for a little house like mine).

This is a house I simply can’t afford to keep up. I can’t afford to heat it in winter, which most cabins have to be in upstate otherwise you’ll have burst pipes, etc. I can’t afford a mortgage. I can’t afford water and septic costs. I can’t afford property taxes. It had to be sustainable. Just the very nature of my life forces me to choose this option.

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