Pole Hauz (Polish Treehouse)

Small and Fabulous: Modular Living as It Should Be

By Rob Beschizza
Image: Front Architects
Article via Wired [link]
Single Hauz

The Single Hauz, from Poland, is a modern treehouse design that offers approx 200 square feet of living space atop a cement pole. This allows it to be placed in a variety of place unsuitable for conventional home, such as over a lake or cliff side. Very nice idea for places where there are no trees capable of supporting the structure, but if I had my preference, I’d save the cost of the pole and concrete footing and fing a spot with some big fir trees instead.

The world is getting hotter and more crowded every day, and modular, prefab housing is just what the doctor ordered. When you go small, it’s not just about energy efficiency and carbon footprints — it’s also about being strange, cool and beautiful.