Treehouse Investment Increases Real Estate Value

Sold to the family’s youngest members [link to article]

This article from the Telegraph discusses how higher end properties selling in the UK are more attractive to prospective buyers when they have features oriented for children such as tree houses.

Included is this photo of an estate at Bluebell Barn, Banham, Norfolk, with a tree house that looks like a ship, built by the makers of the BBC TV programme Home Front.

The message is that owners of these homes are investing in building a treehouse for the enjoyment of their own children, and then afterward getting a high return on the money upon the sale of the home. It is smart economics when your own family gets enjoyment from a treehouse and then you also get a financial reward by appealing to the child-desirability factor in the real estate market.

“It used to be the case that you’d weigh up the body language between a husband and wife on a viewing. If the wife likes the house, the sale will probably come good,” says Mark Charter, of estate agent Carter Jonas, “but now the kids come into it. When families view a house, the parents will turn to their children, no matter how young, and ask what they think before they decide whether to buy. It’s staggering that children’s opinions are taken so seriously.” . . . And, “of course the child’s eyes will light up at the sight of a tree house.”