Simple Tree House Tips

There is a nice article in the Cherokee Sentinel about basic tips for building a treehouse. Below I’ve paraphrased and added to their recommendations:

  • Choose strong mature trees to build in such as: oak, beech, maple, fir, and hemlock.
  • Consider branch thickness and how best to support the weight of the tree house.
  • Design in flexibility: A tree twists, sways, and grows so the structure needs to accomodate that movement.
  • Plan out the project: Get creative and sketch out your plans on paper (or better yet, free 3D software such as Google SketchUp) to work out the details before construction begins.
  • Consider the view, and wind exposure, in relation to the height off the ground. Higher up usually offers a better view but also means more motion and exposure to wind. Typically it is not recommended to build any higher than 2/3 up the tree.
  • Keep in mind the person for whom the tree house is being built and factor in their usage needs into the design.