What Is This: A Shed On Stilts Or A Treehouse?

It’s a mean green shed on stilts!

My newest contact on Flickr, vfm4, sent me this shot. She has a blog with some great photo journalism including pictures of cool boxes (which in my opinion is a close cousin to treehouses and worth seeing!).

So anyhow, this photo shows a green treehouse. But, it’s really a shed on stilts. There is a tree though the middle of the structure, which is unlike most other sheds I’ve seen. But still, in the event of a neighbourly complaint and intervention by city authorities (i.e. inspector) where would this structure fall in the classification scheme?

I’m thinking the inspector would claim it is an “accessory building”. The prime reason is that it is on stilts, thus contacts the ground like all other buildings. It is important to make a treehouse that is supported entirely in a tree to avoid this categorical pigeon hole.

I’d also be curious to know if there is stuff stored under and/or in the treehouse. Junk is also a good indication of the intent for use. Toys and or furniture are more in line with the purpose of a treehouse. This distinction can also be a big deciding variable for an inspector.

In addition, the design itself is that of an archetypal shed: a square box with a peaked roof and rain gutters. This would also weigh in the favor of “accessory building” because if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck… its probably a shed.

Some good points: Painting a treehouse green is a very good idea. Especially if you want to minimize visual exposure. I also like the way the beam on the top of the roof peak extends out and supports a rope. This could make a good swing, or pulley system. Fun and function for a treehouse! And windows are always a good thing. Makes it so much more airy and bright (distinctly unshedlike).