When “Make a House in a Tree” is Taken Literally

Here is a photo from vfm4 on flickr showing a tree trunk hollowed out to make a house.

I found the story behind the post quite interesting:

“i found this photograph, among many more, in a box that i inherited from my mother who inherited it from hers.

i posted it in my blog with the question if anybody knew more.. i became one answer that was interesting but not quite enough..

then somebody came with the exact answer: it is a spruce tree from Washington that was sent to the 1904 St Louis Exhibition. later it went to Detroit, where it stood in Palmer Park, probably from 1905 to 1920.”

Not your usual treehouse, but fascinating image and backstory none-the-less.

Update: vm4 has posted another image of this log house taken from a postcard here provided by Jarl de Boer at this site: www.tunneltree.com