Andrew Thurnheer’s Treehouse

Here is an article about Andrew Thurnheer’s treehouse — a two story cabin style structure set on top of telephone poles some 40 feet up in the trees.

Interesting to note the cross bracing used to stabilize the poles and give the supporting structure more rigidity.

This solid option makes me think about the paradox of treehouse design: The most rigid option is not always the strongest option.

I personally prefer to affix the structure to living trees, with floating connection points, for the best strength and cleanest look. Building in flexibility will let your treehouse sway and flex with the tree’s natural movements and avoid structural failure from the motion involved in extreme storm conditions.

I like Andrew’s home because it is a classic example of a practical and sustainable abode — and because he actually lives in there. Its an admirable lifestyle choice and he has built in some nice luxuries like an elevator. What more do you really need?