Historical Logging Transport

big tree on steam train transport

Back in the late 1800′s and early 1900′s, when it came time to transporting large trees out of the woods, steam train was the way to go. The scale of the logs makes the train look like a child’s toy.

Historical Logging


There were massive trees back in the 1800′s, and if you wanted to cut it down, you had to really earn it by hand.

A Treehouse Comic Book!

treehouse comic book

Check out this cool new treehouse comic book.  Situating a story line around a treehouse…what a great idea!

Activist Treehouse On The Endangered List

The Little Red Toolangi activist treeehouse

  On Wednesday, an Australian court ordered the removal of the Little Red Toolangi activist treehouse. The touchstone treehouse serves as a forest community centre for resistance to VicForests’ clearcutting practices. It’s ironic that the courts are so adamant that this treehouse come down when VicForests clearcutting, which exterminates homes for species like the Leadbeater’s […]

A Treehouse Addition

Sakhiba Khairulla takes in the stunning view from her new treehouse addition.

If you’ve been dreaming about building your own treehouse but haven’t yet, take heart.  The opportunity may come in an unexpected way. This story is a beautiful example of thinking outside the box.  When faced with a choice between cutting down a tree and building around it, Samad Firdosy and Sakhiba Khairulla decided to build […]

DIY Treehouse Designs From Tiny Houses


Looking for great do-it-yourself treehouse designs?  Well you’re in luck because I found a goldmine of a video for anyone interested in exploring some amazing ideas for building your own treehouse! DIY Treehouse Ideas Galore In August, I reported on Derek Diedricksen’s tiny writer’s retreat. Well this video goes above and beyond that great story: […]

Ready for Treehouse School?

the treehouse that yestermorrow treehouse school built

Yestermorrow — A Treehouse School for the Rest of Us   Have you always dreamed of building your own treehouse, but don’t know a hammer from a plank?  Or maybe you have some skills but need inspiration, motivation, or a brush-up on your knowledge? If this sounds like you, it might be time to enroll […]

Inspiring Treehouse Design Ideas

the 180 sq.ft. Everts home offers inspiring treehouse design ideas

Are you looking for inspiring treehouse design ideas?  That’s where Tammy Everts comes in.  Her husband John and friend Stefan built their place in a fortnight.  At a demure 180 square feet, it has served as weekend host to a family of two adults, two children…and a dog! In this awesome apartment therapy article, Tammy […]

A Solar Treehouse?

The Goal Zero Extreme makes for a solar treehouse!

If you read my last post, you know that I’ve fallen in love with one of the coolest sites ever for treehouse and tiny house lovers.  One of their subsites is Tinyhousegear.com where you can find some pretty cool stuff for living in small spaces.  I got fixated on the possibilities offered by the Goal Zero […]

Modern Ewok Coffee Table Book

modern ewok book

A coffee table book for those who strive for a sleek, clean looking treehouse dwelling.

Tinyhouselistings.com – Treehouse Ideas Galore

This beauty should spark your treehouse ideas!

  Always looking for new treehouse ideas?  As summer transitions into fall and our days of treehouse living and building get harder, I’m super excited to share a new find with you! Someone I know facebooked a blog post from this awesome website called Tinyhouselistings.com. My post was going to be about the article I […]

What’s the Best Treehouse Wood?

Choosing the best treehouse wood leads to lots of fun times with friends!

What’s the best treehouse wood? At some point in the planning process, you have to consider what materials you’re going to use to build your treehouse. The best treehouse wood for you certainly depends on how much money you have to spend, and how long you want your treehouse to last. Often less considered, but […]

A John Lennon Celebrity Tree House?

Was this John Lennon's celebrity tree house?

Was this John Lennon’s celebrity tree house getaway? I stumbled upon this intriguing possibility while taking a tree house quiz. The first question asks which public figure was not known to have an adult tree house: John Lennon, Winston Churchill, or Elton John. I didn’t know any of them had tree houses, so being a […]

Building a Treehouse? Read This!

The frame for building a treehouse as featured in the book Treehouse Chronicles

Are you building a treehouse, or thinking about it?  Then this book is a must-have for you.  A quote from the book makes the case compellingly: I’m not alone. Young, old, or in between, wealthy or of modest means, everyone dreams about treehouses – and the magic of life aloft. Join us now for a […]

Treehouse Zip Lines

someone using a zip line from a treehouse

Ever fantasized about being on a mountain or up a tree and having a magical zip line that would zoom you through space?  That dream isn’t far from reality.  Wanna build an Ewok treehouse village, whisking from tree to tree?  Then zip lines are the way to go! 3 zip line resources to get you […]

Treehouse Blogs – The Wisdom of Experience

Treehouse Building in Progress

It’s spring again and you’re probably thinking about building that treehouse you’ve been dreaming about but never got around to building.  You can read all the books and take all the courses you want, but there’s nothing like lived experience.  That’s where treehouse blogs come in handy. If you’re looking to build a treehouse, chances […]

Treehouse Elevator: Take It to the Next Level

Treehouse Elevator

So maybe you’ve already got some treehouse plans. Or maybe you’ve already built your treehouse.  The ladder is the traditional method of getting up into the clouds and spending time in your dream house.  But the imagination is the only limit when it comes to treehouses (or anything else, for that matter), so you need […]

Pass-through Tree Architecture

tree glass pass through design

An example of architectural design that includes the tree within the structure — very applicable to treehouse design. Almost all single tree, and many multi-tree treehouse designs have to deal with the issue of accommodating the tree trunk passing through the structure itself. This is a hard problem because it is not possible to seal […]

The John Malkovich Treehouse

John Malkovich's Treehouse

Did you know that John Malkovich had a treehouse? Here’s the scoop:  The year was 1993.  The place, near Malkovich’s Provence, France house.  A group of local residents was lobbying for a treehouse in a nearby park.   Malkovich contributed money to the project.  For those of you familiar with government reactions to treehouses, it will […]

Treehouse Building Tips Video

Michael Garnier & friends share their treehouse building tips in this video

  This is an excellent video for anyone looking for treehouse building tips.  It gives you a quick overview of how this team of professional builders erected this massive Oregon treehouse.  It gives some insight into some of the problems they faced while building this treehouse and how they overcame them. You also get to […]

Treehouse Building Workshops Allow You to Build it Yourself


              Treehouse Building Workshops Looking for a place that will teach you the skills and give you the confidence you need to build your own treehouse — or start a business helping others build them?  Then check out the Treehouse Institute. Since 1996, they’ve been teaching treehouse building workshops […]

Canadian Handy”man” Directory

Canadian Handy"man" Directory

I  came across this great handy”man” directory I thought would be useful for Canadians looking for professional treehouse help.  Though it’s not a treehouse builders’ directory (which David & I hope to bring you in the future), it is a great place to look for people with professional skills who may be interested in applying […]

mmp architects treehouse

mmp architects luxury treehouse

Are you looking for a design plan for something more upscale?  mmp architects have released their floor plan for this Australian luxury treehouse. Image from: designboom.com

JK Rowling and the £150,000 Hogwarts Luxury Treehouse

JK Rowling's Luxury Treehouse

Luxury Treehouses – A Rising Trend I’ve been reading a lot lately about luxury treehouses.  It seems the well-to-do are just as enticed by the back-to-nature movement and are doing it in style. This summer JK Rowling applied to have a 40-foot-high cluster of luxury treehouses for her children.  Construction is to begin soon.  Check […]

Tree Top Builders – Treehouse Teaching & Building Experts

Tree Top Builders Treehouse

Been dreaming about a treehouse but don’t want to build it yourself?  That’s where Tree Top Builders comes in. What’s great is they offer you a range of options from having them build it for you, to getting help with your project, to learning tree building skills so you can do it yourself and for […]

Treehouse.com – Your Online Treehouse Supplies Store

Treehouse plan -finished product

So, you wanna build a treehouse?  Having the right equipment makes your job as easy and as long lasting as possible.  After all, who wants to put in days, weeks or even months of hard work only to see your structure buckle under poor design and build?  Treehouses can last for twenty or more years […]

Great Treehouse Design Plans Remove the Guesswork

Treehouse Design Plans

These great treehouse design plans include a well-written articles and images to inspire you.  Ideal for a woodworking newbie with a dream and some passion! Photo credits: Roger Yip

Okinawa’s Treehouse Restaurant

okinawan treehouse

Okay, the actual name of the place is the Naha Harbor Diner, known in  Japanese as Gajumaru, but isn’t it easier to remember it as the treehouse restaurant? And, okay, it’s not a real tree, but what the heck do you want for the heart of Okinawa?  In fact, I think it’s cooler that they […]

Blue Forest – Treehouse Pros

Blue Forest Treehouse

David & I love to blog about treehouses.  But we’re also looking to make this site more useful to those who are looking for people who will either build or teach them the skills to build their own treehouses. In that spirit, here’s a company from England, called Blue Forest, that does just that.  They […]

One More Thing About That Luxury Treehouse…

Canadian Luxury Treehouse

On Monday I blogged about a Canadian luxury treehouse and was all smiles about the whole thing.  But that’s not the whole truth and it’s been niggling at me ever since. I wanted to be positive about the project because it’s too easy to focus on the downsides.  Towards the end of that article I […]